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Hobbes, circus cat rogue

7 August 2019



29 July 2019

Still waters in the temple of the mind.

Murder of Crows

14 July 2019



Mermaids Training

1 April 2019

Some sing you to your demise, others are really good at beating you with a stick.

Sugar Skull Knight

23 March 2019


Polar Pig Party

5 February 2019

Polar Pig Party. Fighter/Mage/Thief.
Also to mark Lunar New Year with lucky pigs.



Aerialist; Crimson Moon, Purple Dusk, & Orange Impact

30 December 2018

Howling at the moon and ready to fly on leathery wings.


Chasing the sunset and letting go for the drop.


Endure the hardship, embrace the bitter, fuel your flight.


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