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21 January 2018


Try not to blink. Try not to sink.



The strange pull of the circus

8 January 2018

Straps Rex

4 January 2018

Circus + Dinosaurs

Shirts and mugs available:

Rowan Evenwood

3 November 2017


Sword-swinging, bow-stringing, hawk-winging, dulcimer-singing ranger.

Card Trick, Step-by-Step

13 October 2017


Now: With your best sleight of hand, cut the deck. Shuffle, don’t run. The crowd only sees the magic dance, not the cost of each step.

Skeletal Aquatic Dragon

13 September 2017

Prized as familiars for seafaring wizards, necromancers, and oracles, the process of calling a skeletal aquatic dragon of a bondable size is a guarded trade secret. Some say it involves empty bottles of certain vintage pirated rum recovered from a shipwreck at the bottom of the ocean.


Dragon by sunset

7 September 2017

She keeps walking till sunset. Things are given new life in the shade.