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Element of Distance

18 November 2008

Move through the space, make yourself at home.  The world is made of the same elements as you are, the particles where you end and it begins are a blurred line.

You stand there wondering.

How much of ourselves is really our own and how much is just the result of the intersections we have with others in this place?

Remind me, dear soul, of the distance between you and I.  Is it true the element between us only serves to separate now?

Synchronicity.  I’d like to believe in it.

Eyes grow heavy in the half-light; I’m not sure if they’re open or closed anymore. Eventually, there is something peaceful in the air, like the residue of a pleasant dream or the smooth flight of a lofty bird. The shapes around seem dormant; the shadows flicker as they pass.

Like a light. Like a dream.

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