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Knee Strike

26 November 2008

It takes a while to learn the mechanics of a Thai-styled knee strike.  Since the point of impact is closer to the body center than a kick, it becomes even more important to use the hips in arranging the body to transfer force.  This allows you to counterbalance and extend with thrusting, swinging, or roundhouse knees.  The same holds for the jumping variations even if being in the air changes the base of power.

Whether you throw a free standing knee or a clinching one, the arms often swing to your opposite side to protect or add more momentum.  The leaning back motion of the forward knees requires some muscle memory work to feel comfortable.  But using your whole body and raising and turning your support foot does make a difference in the travel you get.


In portraying a knee attack graphically, emulating some good technique does give the action more strength and balance.  I think a direct knee strike pose can either make a character look like a dirty fighting brawler or a no-nonsense technician.

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