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Khitai to Cathay

21 August 2011
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“Attend the beginning, for it is as important as the end.  The four compass winds carry the incense of distant places to stir a drugg’d memory.”

“I’ve dreamt of jade forests with their raven haired shamans and demon-ey’d beasts.”

“Of temple-crowned mountains where the weak overturn the strong in flashes of silk and gold and honour’d blood.”

“I thought all dawnward paths, from Khitai to Cathay, held only ghosts for me now.”

 “Dark corners of memory where you can only walk backwards in circles.”

“But in the half-light, things you’ve always known take on unfathom’d new life.”

“You can’t go back, and you can’t come back.  Yet here, yet now, you can raise your sword.”

“To point a new way home.”

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