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Sorceress Sisters: Prologue

25 September 2011
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It started with a splash.  The quiet of the autumn woods burst into motion like a startled host of sparrows.

Golnaz the Glorificent and Sheida of the Seven Shinings emerged from their flight with a mild pair of popping sounds, Apparating in the shallow pond and sending ripples out toward the forested edges.  The two sisters fought off the disorientation and kept moving.  There was no guarantee of safety here after seeing what they thought they saw.

There had not been a sighting this far east in thirty years.  They had all read the stories, followed the news.  Now it seemed they were a part of it.

Two steps and they both paused.  Their wands were in their hands in a flash.  Golnaz glanced apprehensively at her quiver of heart-seeking arrows; Sheida dangled the heirloom jade charm that was supposed to alert them of the approaching danger.

For the first time in thirty years, the clover-shaped charm hummed its warning as they felt the air temperature drop.

Both witches heard the word escape their lips before the thought solidified.


* * *

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  1. 26 September 2011 12:07 am

    Intriguing beginning. Will there be more? Where did you find the amazing image?

    – Ermisenda

    • paintedmonk permalink*
      26 September 2011 8:41 am

      Thanks for the comments. The artwork is my own, I actually just wrote the sample flavor text to accompany it. But maybe there should be more!

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