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A Pale Bloom in a Vast Field

3 January 2012
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It’s a matter of willpower actually.

And I am a man of great discipline.

Like most on the frontier, I can trace lineage back to faraway shores.  But the greater part of my soul belongs to these prairies.



When you stay in a place, you grow into it.  You absorb and transmit without knowing it.  And it takes willpower to gather the awareness, little by little. 

I was a scrawny sproutling.  As fighters go, I’m still scrawny.  But the roots of prairie shrubs go deep to reach water in the harshest conditions.  My frame belies my steel.



And for these types of fights, you need more than just muscle. 

Either the plains are haunted or it’s just the people.  Even with all this flat, open space, there are things to push back – Things that would steal you away from yourself, piece by piece.

The awareness you gather is your only shield.



For the ghosts out here, it’s not enough to weather their wrath… you need to earn their respect.

[Bonus: What these images might look like on game card mock ups]

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