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Backbone, Blade, Blossom

22 March 2012
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Beginnings are hardest, she told herself as they left the ruined port.

Every bird in the sky, every abandoned post they passed, told her the same thing.

Beginnings are hardest, but in their uncertainty lay the thing beyond the reckoning of old magic and ancient gods. Here, hope lies dreaming.

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  1. 22 March 2012 10:16 pm

    Really nice colors and light. Your lines are also really well done.

    The perspective in many places seems odd though. It seems like each object was drawn separately and then put together at the end or like changes were made to things such as the level of the horizon part way through drawing but the rest of the image wasn’t altered to match. Based on how high up the horizon line is we should be looking downward at an angle, but the boat is seen almost from the side at the point where the two men are while the front of the boat is seen slightly more in line with the downward angle that it should be viewed at. The distant pieces of wood in the water become too small and faint too soon for as close as they should be. For their perspective to make sense the horizon would have to be just a little ways above them. The distant seagulls also seem to be too far way too low in the image. For example look at the two closest ones right above the men’s hats. Then look at the furthest seagulls just a little bit above those. Those are getting further away in the direction of the water, because what’s directly behind them is water rather than sky, but as tiny as they are they should be very far away while the water at that point shouldn’t be so far. So basically as far away as those seagulls are drawn that low in the image they would be underwater, because the water at that point is closer to the viewer than they are.

    Perspective issues aside it’s really good work. 🙂

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