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Technique No. 5 – Paper Binding Technique

29 August 2013

“From this point now, you can see it all,” whispers the mask to the man.

She folds her words as if they were paper. Every surface becomes two, then four, as the faces become smaller.

It’s a countdown, he is reminded. You will never be here again. You will never have more time than you do right now. Your body is folding up as we speak, cells collapsing in on themselves.

As this happens, we are defined by the creases we make or confined by the planes we can’t bear to wrinkle.  When you realize the thinness of it all, you can also learn to restrain others, bend and bind bodies to craft your fleeting throne.

“Tell me, master, is it true we are only here to diminish with each victory until the inevitable defeat? I may find another bearer, but you – your flesh, your blood, your bones – piece by piece, you depart,” her voice is a leaf tumbling to the ground.

“Hush now,” the masked man states through their shared mouth as he completes his preparations.

“We fight, and piece by piece, we will be something else, something new, when we are done.”


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