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Thundersnow Gargoyle

11 November 2013

This is a note from my past self in the form of a drawing. One of the first RPG character designs I created when I was around ten or so, this is Hylite Lodestone, gargoyle wizard/fighting-monk.


I’ve been reading about how a drawing is an expression of the artist’s will, every mark a diary of the state you’re in at that point in time. All my influences from the time are evident here, from Street Fighter to Final Fantasy, with my creative thoughts struggling to shift from mimesis to synthesis.

The profile I wrote up (stolen and modified from a Ninja Turtle description for Donatello I had somewhere):


An action pose:


Casting a fireball:


Standing ready:



I was expressing an idea I didn’t have all the vocabulary do say yet. We stare our failure in the eye, the gap between our vision and our voice, everyday we struggle with our art. It’s easy to feel like nothing ever gets better because you need to gather your knowledge slowly, little by little. But at your center, you already know what you’re here to say.

So with the separation of a couple of decades, I thought I’d try again with the tools I have now and maybe get a bit closer on this one:


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  1. 11 November 2013 9:46 am

    This is amazing on so many levels.

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