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On the Nature of Cats

18 July 2014

The first time the Nightmare calls, she will be too young to tell it apart from other dreams. All her atoms will vibrate light, a field of stars before the rain, and she will change.

She will wake up confused, a stray in the storm.

Eventually, she will come to suspect something. Whenever it thunders, she will think of prowling rooftops.

On her eighth episode, her eyes will become as ice, a cold cat stare. She will steal souls when she crosses paths. Her scars will give the Nightmare shape, and black magic will be hers to invoke.

It will all seem common sense to her then. Nine lives, nine changes. Two paths before her, she will make the choice.
Live as a wise woman with a Nightmare to rein.
Or dream as a black cat, never to wake again.



And a mock up of what this would look like as a video game box art:


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