Herman Lau is a freelance artist from Edmonton, Alberta. His interests in illustration stem from the stories and games he grew up with, mythologies full of movement and characters to inspire his drawn illusions.

His artwork has been published locally and internationally, including exhibition at the Museum of American Illustration in New York and having work selected for a collection at State Library Victoria, Australia. He has also run children’s visual art programs for non-profit organizations and galleries, as well as provided graphic facilitation services for various municipal groups and initiatives.


Martial Arts + Circus

Herman Lau roots his movement practice in his background as a martial arts and circus coach. A lifelong student of diverse styles spanning the spectrum from performance arts to  combat sports to wellbeing work, he once competed on a  national stage as a youth and continued tempering this education across various mats, rings, and cages to now teach and perform at various locations around Edmonton.

He hopes to continue integrating creative practices and physical culture, studying movement as a form of self-expression to make and share meaning. He is excited to challenge people’s athletic and artistic sides




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