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Herman Lau


Thanks for visiting.  This page is to provide a quick reference for some of my artwork samples.

If I had to pitch what I bring to a product:

Illustration yin and yang – blending detailed, direct lines with a flowing, accessible aesthetic. Hybrid of comic book panel, Art Nouveau print, and alternate reality portrait painting, composed with introspective narratives.

But since we deal in pictures, I chose to highlight these recent pieces to show my skill set.  (Samples of other styles, from painterly to graphic design, are also available if desired.)

River Spirit





More samples can be viewed at these sites:

If you feel my style would be suitable for any upcoming projects, I’d be pleased to discuss further.  I’ve sharpened my pencil through illustrations for a variety of media such as books, magazines, advertisements, websites, and gaming products.  I feel I’m at a place where I can apply my expertise and reach out for other opportunities I am passionate about, still realizing there is much to be learned, and I want to continue to grow and evolve with the work to come.

Herman Lau

3 thoughts on “ARTDROP :: Herman Lau

  1. I loved your art since we met in our U of A art class, Herman. Salud to one amazing artist and a great guy! abrazos Faye

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