INSPIRED – footnotes

Art, Martial Arts, Writing

He finds one step leads to the next. Like dancing along the spine of a dragon, the line twists and turns, but it’s all connected.

Our time is defined by meetings and partings from which you can’t escape. You can only move one step after another.

I’ve been an explorer learning a language in a foreign land. The vocabulary has common roots, but expressions take on different meaning.

A développé devant is and is not like a teep push kick.

When I stared down the dreaded blank page to think about the theme of Inspiration for the ArtOrder creative challenge, I looked at the slippers I had started using for cross-training in ballet for my main martial arts practice.

All the styles of movement are related tongues – artistic, combative, locomotive, transformative – If you speak honestly with one, it may reveal something about another that the other has forgotten or hidden.

And each motion is related to some intent or emotion you have to express. It all speaks of connections, mindfulness, and all the ways we hold ourselves back. For me, the concept developed into an illustration, which I was fortunate enough to have selected to be included in this book – INSPIRED.

Each piece has a personal story attached to its creator. It’s, unsurprisingly, an inspiring collection of art and narratives to be involved in.


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